Prototypes Developed
Military and paramilitary uniforms from NYCO
The combat uniforms which are having heat or flame resistance properties are essential in the present day context.  The presence of synthetic material such as polyester if exposed to heat or flame melts and sticks to skin causing severe burns.  It is clear from the study that FR property of NYCO fabric is better than P/C fabric as there is no hole formation and no melting and dripping was observed in the NYCO fabric.
Fabric for stab resistant vest
The Fabric has been developed using Dyneema fibre for making stab resistant vest. It can bear 24 Joule impact energy. This can benefit military and para-military forces that endanger their lives in riots or other emergencies.
Cut resistant gloves from composite metallic yarn
The gloves have been developed using composite metallic yarn (Nylon/Steel composite Metallic Yarn, polyester/Steel composite Metallic Yarn and Cotton/Steel composite Metallic Yarn). These have cut resistance characteristics and can be used for glass, steel, automotive industry etc.
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Development of Fabric for stab resistant vest
Cut resistant gloves from composite metallic yarn
PFA Light & Heat Cutting Tester
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