R & D Projects
Development of cut resistant & abrasion resistant protective textile  by  using  composite  metallic  yarn
Developing shield of corn fabrics for enhancing the protection from flame
Developing  armor using  Hi-Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) fibre
Development of water purification device using textile material for military and paramilitary personnel
Development of protective material from nylon 66 and corn
Development of special functional  fabric for  bedding and sports wear for providing extraordinary comfort with excellent micro climate
Development of flame resistant and chemical resistant laboratory coat/apron
Selection of combat uniform cloth on the basis of comfort, wear and safety properties
Development of an instrument to measure light and heat cutting properties of black out (coated Fabrics)
Development of special functional fabrics for bedding and sport wears for providing extra ordinary comforts with excellent micro climate
Development of nylon 66 and excel fibre blended for protective clothing
Latest News
Development of Fabric for stab resistant vest
Cut resistant gloves from composite metallic yarn
PFA Light & Heat Cutting Tester
Photo/Video Gallery
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