Specifications Developed
Disruptive pattern uniform for jungle operations-NYCO material (Two Colours)
Durable combat rucksack
Technical 3 point sling universal
Pouches for ammunition and grenades made of disruptive pattern
Jungle Floppy hat
Water proof multi purpose rain poncho
Nylon Life Jacket with expandable polyethylene foam, buckle and whistle plastic
Balaclava cap with convertible properties as cap comforter, facemask and cold weather muffler
Blanket Superior
Hand Glove Knitted
Water bottle
Coat Parka
Anti-mosquito veil
Waist belt-nylon with buckle and rings
Compact light weight blanket
Multipurpose light weight load bearing frame with carrier facilities and convertibility as stretcher
Light weight ground sheet
Special operations rope
Sleeping bag
Under pant Woolen
Towel Hand
Vest Woolen
Cap Comforter woolen
Socks Woolen
P/V Dope dyed uniform
P/V Dope dyed uniform
Colour specification of camouflage uniform
P/V dope dyed black colour uniform
For Assam Rifles
P/V dope dyed Olive green and Silver grey uniform
For Airports authority of India
Specification of Identity cards-2 types
National Disaster Response Force
Colour specification of camouflage uniform
Railway Police Security Force
Colour specification of camouflage uniform
Defense Bio-engineering & Electro-medical Laboratory
Identification of dope dyed Aramid fabric
Indian Navy
Unarmed combat dress for Marin commandoes
Cap FS Blue
Following specifications of technical textile items in Indian context were submitted to the Office of the Textile Commissioner, Government of India, Mumbai:
Review of Draft specifications of BIS by COE-Protech:
1. Protective clothing for fire fighters
2. Textiles-Resistance to ignition of Mattresses, Diwans and Bed Bases
Specifications developed by COE-Protech:
1. Nylon life jacket with expandable polyethylene foam, buckle and whistle plastics
2. Disruptive pattern (camouflage pattern) cloth for jungle operations made of nylon 66 and cotton blended (NYCO) material.
Latest News
Development of Fabric for stab resistant vest
Cut resistant gloves from composite metallic yarn
PFA Light & Heat Cutting Tester
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